How it Works

What is the Affiliate Program?

High5Store Affiliate Program is best way to become our marketing partners and promoting our products on your website or other channel & earn commission on every sale. We offer upto 20% commission on every sale referred through you.


What are the advantages of Affiliate Program?
You can convert your website traffic & your referrals to revenues by signing up with us.
Also by direct signing up with us, you can enjoy higher pay-outs.


How does it work?
We have desiigned our Affiliate Program into 2 Models
Model A - Online Publisher
We are looking for online websites (forums, blogs, portals, coupon sites, etc) interested in displaying our ads on their platform & generating revenue on every Sale that we get though you.

Model B - Offline Affiliate Partner
We are looking for Individuals passionate and willing to run their show and interested in marketing and sales of our products to their offline contacts.


What is the eligibility criteria for becoming Affiliate Partner?
The Online Publisher should fulfil the following condition -
1. Daily traffic of 500+.
2. Should not be a pornographic website or involved in illegal business
3. Should not be involved in unethical practises.


The Offline Partner should fulfil the following consitions -
1. Should be more than 18 years of age
2. Should not be involved in other illegal businesses
3. Should not be involved in unethical practises or misuse of our brand names
4. Should reside in a country where Affiliate Marketing is not illegal.


What mediums can be used for promotion?
For Model A -
We provide our online partners with beautiful creatives that will go well with your website theme and we follow the same standard followed in the industry.

You can use below mediums to promote us -
1. Banner Ads - 720x90, 300x250, etc
2. Text Coupon Links
3. Newsletter to your Subscribers
4. Links shared on your Social Media Channels
5. Blog Articles referring to our products


For Model B -
1. You can create online and offline catalogs of our best collection, share with your neighbours, friends, relatives, office colleagues, etc.
2. You can create your own Online Facebook / Twitter page and share our products there
3. Take orders from them & place the same on our website using your registered affiliate account only.

How much do I have to pay to join the program?
Our affiliate program is free of cost to you and only we will be paying to you for your efforts.

For Model A, what is the cookie duration?

We have set the cookie duration of 30 days. So if a user has visited High5store by clicking a banner on your website, we will keep track of him for 30 days. So if such user placed 3 orders during the cookie duration, you will receive referral commission on all the 3 orders.


How do I find out what Product Links visitors clicked?
Currently our affiliate application can track the clicks received on your platform & recorded on our system. The data is extended to the camapign & creative the user has clicked upon. Currently we do not monitor the impressions received by any campaign / creative.


I want to publish a particular product on my platform and promote the same. How to build the link so that your application can track the visit?
Take the link of the product or category you want to promote
Use the below variable and add at the end of the link
a. id_affiliate (Mandatory) - You can get your affiliate id from Account Details Page.
b. utm_campaign (Optional) - You can provide a name to the report. The details wont be shown in the dashboard
c. utm_source (Optional) - h5saff - Do not use any other value
d. utm_medium (Optional) - Text / Banner / Product / Article whichever is applicable.


Can I design a newsletter exclusive for High5Store and send it to our subscribers?
Yes you can. However we recommend you to use the creatives shared by us. Also it would be great if you can share the creatives created by you and take our approval before sending it to your subscribers.
Also we would like to know on how you have created your subscriber list to make sure that it satisfies the eligibility criteria.


Tell us something about the Payment Terms.
For Model A - We work only on Cost Per Sale Model. So we pay you commission only on orders received through your website referral.
For Model B - We provide commission on the monthly business provided by you. So we have different commission for different monthly sales target.

Also we release payment only on Confirmed Orders. Fake Orders, Orders cancelled by customers will not be considered.

For Orders placed between 1st and 30th / 31st of the month, the orders will be confirmed for payment next month between 1st to 15th of the month. And the payments will be released between 16th to 20th of the month.
For Orders with unconfirmed status during the period will be confirmed in next payment cycle.


Can your provide an example on the payment for our understanding.
Case 1 - A customer bought a product of Rs 1000 from High5Store on 5th of August and order delivered by 2nd September. The order will be confirmed and commission will be released betwen 16 to 20th of September.
Case 2 - A customer bought a product of Rs 1000 from High5Store on 31st of August and order delivered by 21st September. The order will be confirmed and commission will be released betwen 16 to 20th of October.
*In case of Model B, the affiliate partner will be the customer.


What is the commission structure?
We have different payouts for Model A and Model B. For this festive season, enjoy higher payouts till 31st October.

Model A Commission

The pay-out is based on per transaction (order) and would depend upon the minimum and maximum order size placed by the customer.


Model B Commission

The pay-out is based on monthly sales for the particular month placed by the affiliate partner or through their customers. The commission would vary based on the minimum and maximum sales range. So you enjoy high commission for more sales.

What are the different types of reports available for an affiliate?
Orders Report - This report will display the orders placed by visitors through your website. It will also show the actual order amount, approved order amount, approved or rejected status
Order History - This report will display the commission to be paid to you once the order is approved. In case of order rejected after approval, the deduction will be reported here. Once we make the payment for the period, you will find the details in this report. So all credits and debits entry would be on this single report.
Payments Reports : Displays the details of the payment made with further details of the order for which the payment has been made
Traffic Report : Displays the number of times a particular link was clicked on the Affiliate's homepage.


A visitor has clicked a creative on our website and also placed the order. But the same is not recorded in the Orders Report.
There can be multiple reasons for the same.
1. The user might have deleted the cookie being set when he landed on our website. In such cases, tracking a user is not possible.
2. You might have missed to add the affiliate id in the creative link shared on your website. In such cases, the user visit will not be tracked against your account.
3. There can be some technical glitch. In such cases, you can report us about the same.


I do have multiple websites. Do I need to creative multiple accounts?
No, You need not. You can use our creatives across various platforms owned by you. However we will not be able to provide separate report on the performance of your different portals.


I need more information. How do you contact?
For any queries or information, please feel free to email us at It usually takes between 48-72 hours for us to respond.