Half and Half Saree Online

The Ravishing Half and Half Sarees

Indian modern ethnic wears like designer Sarees, Bollywood Sarees and Bollywood replica sarees have astounded the world with its beauty. And joining the bandwagon is Half and Half Saree.

Half and Half Sarees have become fashionable Indian attires for the women of today. The specialty of half sarees is its amazing, colorful & different kinds of pleats which creates a lavish look! Today with the convenience of online shopping portals, you can buy half sarees online.

Buy online half sarees and choose from latest designs!

You can buy a half saree online from a variety of latest designs. This involves a combination of amazing colors & pleats giving you options from around every corner of India! You can choose half sarees online from unique styles which will make you stand out when you wear them.

Choose from amazing embroidery styles & colors!

Buy half sarees online from distinct and amazing innovative embroidery styles. You can select half sarees comprising of artistic thread embroidery & pita zari works. There are also half sarees boasting impressive stone works which creates an astonishing touch!

The careful blend of colors in our exclusive collection of Half and Half Sarees makes these sarees ideal for cocktail parties & weddings.

You have an array of colors to choose from. If you want to look bright then we have amazing blend of half sarees embellished in deep color combinations like gold-back & red sarees coated with black color. The off-white-green color half sarees are also one of the favorites of women these days.

The Dress-

Half saree comprises of a Lehenga or Pavadai. This is tied around the waist. It's tied using a string & an oni or Davani as it's called. Fine cloth is used which is usually 2 to 2.5 meters in length. This is draped crossways over a choli. Choli is a tight fitting blouse which is similar to the blouse worn with any normal saree. Choli is usually woven using cotton or silk.

Another variant is known as Gagra choli which traces its roots in North India. The difference between choli and Ghagra choli is the way the oni or pallu is draped.

Traditionally, women used to wear half sarees for South Indian festivals like Pongal and their other family functions. However, today half sarees have become trendy party wears!

Half sarees- Modern day ethnic wears!

Modern day half sarees were born from the influence of western culture. Traditional attires were inconvenient to wear. As a result, modern day half sarees have become favorites of modern women who love convenient and trendy ethnic wears!

The recent years have seen growing popularity of half sarees among women. The major reason for this is gaining media attention covering lovely Bollywood actresses like Anushka Sharma and Rani Mukherjee seen flaunting their amazing and colorful half sarees on various occasions.

Also the advent of various latest designs in half sarees has made these ethnic wears popular thanks to the work of many designers.

Traditionally, half sarees portrayed only simple patterns. Today, you can select half sarees online which portray extravagant embroidery & mirror & zari work. There are innumerable colors you can choose from along with impressive bold colors in ravishing colors like black and grey. These colors make half sarees one of the auspicious Indian ethnic wears.

Buy online half sarees from a range of fabrics!

Fabric of attires is what makes them easy or uncomfortable wears. In terms of convenience of fabric, half sarees again does not let you down.

Traditionally half sarees were made out of usual fabric materials like silk or cotton. The latest half saree designs are made up of more trendy, light and convenient fabrics like georgette & other synthetic materials such as crepe & nylon. This makes it a perfect wear for weddings, parties or any family occasions and festivals.

You can choose from trendy designs of half sarees ranging from light to mid-weight fabrics. You will love the latest half saree designs which have been made to make this ethnic wear an epitome of convenience and style!