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Tradition of Wearing Anklets in India

Anklets hold immense significance according to Indian culture. The origin of anklets in India is still uncertain but it has been observed that in the cultures of Egypt and Middle Eastern countries. Anklets are ornaments worn in the ankle which has small bells attached to it so that they make pleasant jingling sounds. They not only have cultural significance but also scientific reasoning for wearing. They also have social and spiritual importance according to the Indian mythology.

Anklets bring esthetic appeal to the beauty of women who wears it. Anciently it was worn by married women to announce their arrival with the sound of the bells and also as an message to the other men that she is married and they need look at her with respect. The sound of anklets is like a wind chime which brings positive energy in the house. A woman can turn everyone’s head by her grace and sensuality through wearing a beautiful anklet.

Not just married women, young girls are also seen wearing anklets. In India, it is a custom to gift new born with anklets so that when they learn to walk, they listen to the charming sound. Their sound invokes positive vibes thereby destroying the negative energies surrounding the house.  

Trends in Anklets

Anklets are generally made using silver as it is believed that when they rub against the skin constantly while walking, and keeps the women active and energetic. The practice of wearing silver anklets was established so as to counter the electrical current produced by the gold jewellery. There is a reason why gold is not used to make anklets as gold is considered to be auspicious and celestial thus no gold jewelry is allowed to wear below the waist.

However now, the anklets are made in various metals like copper, brass, and also other cheap metals. They are intricately carved and attached with small bells. With the changing preferences in fashion, women go for stylish anklet that comes in gold plated with studded stones or beads.

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