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Bangles are essential part of bridal trousseau. Adorning the bride with jingling bangles is quite essential and it is tradition followed since years in India. No bride’s shringar is complete without sporting bangles on her D day. Different colours of bangles have different meaning; Red symbolizes energy, life, and joy, blue represents wisdom, purple is for independence, green symbolizes luck for marriage and fertility, yellow for happiness, white for the new beginning, orange represents success, silver is for strength, and gold symbolizes the good fortune.

High5store’s Platter of Bridal Bangles

High5store offers you the finest range of beautiful bangles in different colours. Our top brands are VIDHYA KANGAN, Reeti Fashions, nik-jewellery, Sukkhi Fashion Jewellery, Just Women, and Luxor Collections. There are various types of bangles available such as pearl bangles, colorful metal bangles, red churas, plastic multicolor bangles, gold plated stoned bangles, traditional Rajasthani moti bangles, and many more.

Indian Bridal Bangles online

Bangles are inevitable part of brides. Indian bridal bangles have great significance for the bride. There are various reasons for wearing them which differs from region to region and also the colours and materials differ. In Punjab, the bride is gifted red and white ivory bangles with inlay work and these bangles are called as Churas. The chura ceremony is held in the morning of the wedding in Punjabis. According to Goan wedding tradition, chooda ceremony is conducted by the bride’s uncle. Chooda means bangles and they are mostly red or maroon in colour. In Bengal, the mother-in-law gifts the bride iron bangles which are coated in gold and also she gives her conch shell and red coral bangles as a symbol of marital status.  The Rajasthani and Guajarati brides are presented by ivory bangles by their mother before the saat phere ritual. In Tamilian marriages, the bride is given gold bangles which are intricately designed and also it’s a must to wear green and maroon bangles.

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