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Men’s Dhoti

Though the western clothing has completely taken the limelight in men’s fashion, the ethnic outfits still manages to be the one choice when it comes to being traditional. The authentic Indian outfit is none other than the simple dhoti. Dhoti is a piece of cloth which is wrapped around the waist or wrapped around the waist with tucking it at the back between the legs. It has different names that vary from region to region. The cultural sigil of the Indian subcontinent, dhoti is always seen as an ethnic outfit that is often worn for occasions, marriages, festivals, and other events especially by the southern India. They are always preferred for their comfort and lightweight.

Fashion world can never be static and it always manages to create a stir. The dhotis have gone a great transformation in the form of dhoti pants. The dhoti pants look as if you have worn a dhoti. Men who are fashion enthusiast are switching on to this comfy and traditional looking dhoti pants that exactly give a feel of wearing a dhoti. For ethnic festive look, pair it up with a long kurta with full sleeves.

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