Fees Policy


1. Listing products on  High5Store is free. Sellers can list as many products on the site for free.

2. Sellers on high5store can either do self-shipping, or make use of the shipping facility arranged by us in partnership with logistics companies. 
    a. In case of self-shipping we will be charging you 20% of the transaction cost (as commission) exclusive of applicable service tax
    b. In case of High5Store shipping facility we will be charging you 20% of transaction cost  (as commission) exclusive of applicable service tax (on commission) plus shipping costs.

3. Shipping Costs - Rs 60 per kg for Non-COD Orders & Rs 75 per kg on COD Orders

4. Sellers should provide free shipping for all the listing.

5. High5Store return policy states that all the stores will accept return in case of damaged/faulty goods. In addition stores may accept Returns for all Conditions. In case of Returns, High5Store will bear the return shipping cost from the buyer to the seller. Apart from this, High5Store will not liable for any charges involved during the refund/return. 

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