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Designed for people who have a keen eye for taste and details, our bangles online collection is so varied that there is something in it for women of all ages and for all occasions. Designer bracelets, traditional khundan sets, Bollywood movies based earrings - you name it and you will find them at our store. We have a stock of close to 2000 designs of bangles for women at our store.

Designer Bangles & Bracelets


The charm of imitation jewellerywedding jewellerybridal jewellery and bangles is impeccable. 

The tinkling jingle of bangles is a symbol that festival period is near! There is no traditional ensemble In India which gets complete without colourful bangles and bracelet. Today you can buy bangles online. You can also buy bracelet for women online.


Bracelets for women online shopping-A glittering trend!

Festival season observes sudden surge for the demand of bangles and bracelets. Traditionally they are known as "Churi". Churi is typically made from different materials like glass, metal and lac. The new bracelets for women & fashion bangles online shopping collection also displays bangles and bracelet in materials like plastic. The silver and gold bangles and bracelet have always been the favorite of women.


Due to the convenience of so many online shopping portals, bangles and bracelets for women online shopping has emerged as a glittering trend in India! You can purchase bangles and bracelets for women online from a variety of designs and patterns sitting at home!


Bangles and bracelets for girls- Significance

The significance of Indian bangles and bracelets is deeply-rooted as observed across different cultures of India. In some cultures it's considered bad omen if a married woman does not wear bangles. These gold and glass worn by a married woman girl reflects her commitment towards her husband.


Buy bangles bracelets for girls online and choose from your favorite colors!

Shopping for bangles and bracelets online gives the benefit of selecting from a range of colors. Colors depict certain qualities. For example, red signifies energy and love. Green signifies virtue and purity. Blue signifies tranquility or harmony.


Select bangles and bracelets for girls online and choose from your favorite pattern!

Another advantage of fashion bangles online shopping is that you get a variety of patterns to choose from! Bangles and bracelets have evolved through time in terms of newer patterns with soaring popularity! And it's not possible to see all these styles at different stores across the country. Online shopping of bangles and bracelets for girls gives you the benefit of observing all different patterns and then choose your pick!


You can buy bangles online depending on your attire, style & occasion!

Traditional "Churis" or Bangles are very thin approximately.18" in width. Gold, Silver or copper tone fashion bangles is a must have in your jewelry box. They jive well with eastern or western dresses. Always wear them in bunches for a startling effect.


Experimenting with the kangans!

"Kangans" are broad bangles which are around 25" in width. You can pair them with thinner bangles. You'll be amazed to how it enhances the overall look of your outfit!


"Kada" in another type for bangle which is gold plated & studded with semi-precious stones known as kundan stones. The usual range is between 0.50"-2.5" in width. One noticeable factor of these beautiful kadas are that they come with adjustable screws. Hence, it can be worn as a bangle or bracelet. You can adjust the tightness thus making it an easy to wear jewelry.

Further you can browse through quick tips to follow while shopping for gold jewelry bangles & bracelets.

Check the jewelry item's luster or shine followed by the design you want. This will be as per the occasion and attire you're planning to wear with those bangles and bracelets.


Don't forget to check the durability. 14K or 18K is best considered options as the alloy percentage.

One stop shop for fashion bangles & bracelets for Women online shopping!

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