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Maang Tikka in India

Maang tikka has a very vital place in a bride’s wedding jewelry trousseau. It has great significance according to the Indian tradition and culture. Maang tikka is that piece of jewelry which completes the bridal look making her look like the princess on her D day. A maang tikka is worn between the partings of the hairdo by the bride. Maang means forehead and tikka means the bindi. It is the cynosure of all the eyes in a wedding because the bridegroom puts the vermillion or the sindoor over the bride’s maang tikka so as to signify the marriage.

The origin of maang tikka dates back to the ancient times which are proved through many sculptures and paintings. It has great importance as the maang tikka rests on the forehead where the sixth chakra, the Agya Chakra is believed to be present. This chakra stands for the sacred union of the bride and groom in every aspect which includes emotional, physical, and spiritual level. They are part of the solah shringar of the bride for her wedding.

Different part of India has different names for the maang tikka and also there are variations in them. In Rajasthan, its called borla which is spherical in shape and is attached in a single string of chain, whereas normally maang tikkas are flat embedded with stones. In Tamil Nadu, it’s called nethi chuti which have a side strings on both sides and are embedded with rubies and emeralds. Maang tikkas add grandeur and gracefulness to the bride.

Maang Tikka at High5store

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Maang Tikka Online

With changing fashion trends, women want their jewelry to be designed according to their personality and style. Maang tikkas earlier was only for the brides and married women, however now the young lot of females have also sporting it for various occasions. Over the years, the designers have experimented with the traditional designs by giving it a modern twist thus making it voguish and trendy. It has been observed that, technology rapidly growing has paved way for many online jewelry portals. With voluminous choices to explore through various online jewelry portals, choosing the right trinket that suits the style is quite easier. Not just maang tikkas add grace and  to the bride but also a beautifully designed bridal necklaces and earrings complete the bridal look and makes her look mesmerising.

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