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Men’s Bracelets

Call it mangles or mewellery has always played a subdued role in the male fashion world. Mangles or mewellery is the new tag for the male wrist jewellery. Men’s jewellery walks in a fine line where it can’t be too tacky or too rugged. It needs to be somewhere in between which looks masculine and stylish. The usual connotations are that bracelets are feminine and are generally worn by women, but if any male sports it then he is bit off the fashion. As the trends for men have progressively become more open and the male fashionistas experimenting with the styles and jewellery, bracelets are the new in thing that is coming up.

The stylish metal bracelets represent the masculinity and enhance the hunky look. Sturdy metal bracelets look the best when worn solo or stand alone. As it’s no longer a taboo for men to wear bracelets. You can bling it up with chained metal bracelets specifically of silver or any other precious metal. Metal bracelets work best when worn alone thus, you can wear it your empty wrist.

To sport that cool marine look nothing other than nautical bracelets that are now trending will be the perfect choice. If you are sporting a rugged outfit you can compliment it well with a quirky bracelet. Over the years the nautical bracelet has been applied to the wrist jewellery for men in many forms and patterns like type of fastening it, rope, cabling, and marine themed motifs and embellishments. Bracelets made from sterling silver, brass, copper, and leather with an anchor pendant are the one those are trending which gives you a sleek and urbane look.

In terms of popularity, one bracelet that is attracting every male is the beaded bracelets. They are the most versatile kind of bracelets. You can play around with the size, and color of the beads to create your own style statement. They go perfectly with neatly tailored outfits. You can also choose for wooden beads which add up voguish and sturdy look.

Leather bracelets are that which wraps around the wrist like a belt with loops. These kinds of bracelets are those that bring in a sense of masculinity and ruggedness. Dark brown or black leather bracelets can be paired up with edgy t-shirts and also for a cowboy look.

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