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A very essential part of bridal jewelry trousseau, nose ring or nose pin has great significance for an Indian bride. In different regions, it has different names and it is of various sizes and shape, while the importance of sporting it remains the same. Nose rings play a vital role not just in beautifying women but also for her health. In north, the nose id pierced on left side whereas in south it is pierced on right side. In some places the nose ring is worn on both sides and also between the nostrils.

There are different types of nose rings found in India. In Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, it is called mukkuthi which is in shape of lotus and is studded with diamonds. While a pullaku worn in South is a nose ring, a small pendant suspended between the nostrils. In Rajasthan, women wear nathuriya which is made of small gold or silver ring studded with precious gemstones or bhauriyas which is same the former but has different designs. In Uttar Pradesh, a nath or nose ring has two pearls and pendulous bead which are worn to auspice prosperity. A shikarpuri nath worn by Punjabi women is made using gold strung with 20-25 motifs attached to it. A Maharashtrian woman is seen sporting a guchedarnath which is attached to a chain and pinned to the hair.

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