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Indian Wedding Bangles

India is very rich in culture and traditions. Bangle is called Kangan or Chudi in Hindi, Valayal in Tamil, Chura in Punjabhi, Bale in Kanada, and Gaaju in Telegu. Bangles are very important when it comes to weddings as they have a sentimental value in life of a bride. Indian mythology has highlighted the importance of wedding bangles.

Each state has its own religion and traditions when it comes to wearing wedding bangles. In Rajasthan and Gujarat, the bride is presented asset of 52 ivory bangles by her mother without that the couple cannot perform the saptapati ritual. In Punjab, the bride wears ivory bangles popularly known as wedding churas. They are a combination of white and red 21 set bangles which are decorated by stones and washed with milk. In Orissa and Bengal, the bride wears lac bangles and shell bangles for the wedding. Gold bangles are considered to be auspicious and are a symbol of good fortune for the bride.

Wedding Bangles Sets at High5store

High5store brings you a vast collection of beautiful and intricately designed wedding bangles for the gorgeous bride. Our popular brands are VIDHYA KANGAN, Luxor Collections, Sukkhi Fashion Jewellery, nik-jewellery, DIVINIQUE JEWELLERY, and many more. These brands are known for their quality products. Peek through our fabulous range of lac bangles, colorful metal alloy bangles, stone studded bangles, and graceful looking wedding churas.

Wedding Bangles Online Shopping

A mother, a sister, or a wife, hands of women is where true love lies and these hands look even more beautiful when adorned with jingling bangles. Bangles are perfect accessories enhances the beauty and compliments the bridal outfit. It is one of the oldest forms of jewelry and can be made from any material which is stiff. Bangles are similar to bracelets only they have no opening and are worn by compressing the hand. Bangles have beautiful significance when it comes to wedding.

With technology rapidly developing, there have more and more options coming up to choose from. There are many online portals that have huge wedding bangles collection and ample of options to choose from. Bangles are very important jewelry for the wedding. According to Hindu tradition bangles are not only an ornament but also a symbol of womanhood and honor.

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