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A noticeable trend in the Indian wedding jewelry collection is the addition various imitation jewelry items made with precious stones & diamond jewellery. Today you can buy from a variety of wedding jewellery sets.

While majority of the jewelry items contain gold, diamond-studded and precious stones studded ornaments are a fresh way to infuse modern traditions with the old. This enables the bride to look even more beautiful and trendy!

Indian bridal jewelry may seem to some like a trivial bling. However, this bling has deep rooted importance in the history and tradition of India. Each bridal jewellery item has its own charm & significance which has kept women engaged since years! And today with even more varieties in term of materials, cuts, colors, designs and patterns, Indian bridal jewellery has really evolved!

Further you can browse through a quick breakdown of all the wedding jewellery sets items which makes up a complete set of beautiful and revered Indian bridal jewelry!


Brides can experience the joy of wedding jewellery online shopping and choose from amazing wedding jewellery designs.

You can choose from the following latest wedding jewellery sets online at high5store


Choodas are 21 ivory-colored bracelets. As per Indian tradition, these are customarily worn by women for 40 days prior to the wedding. It signifies that the married woman is a newlywed bride and should receive a chivalrous treatment.


Hathphool is also known as the "hand flower". It comprises of a set of beautiful rings traditionally five. These are attached to a beautiful wrist bangle. It consists of a dangling chain which is spread behind both hands. Each of this chain symbolizes goddess's power for the bride's protection.


Bindis represent the third eye of a woman. The bride wears a series of jewellery items on her forehead. A striking red dot or bindi is placed on her forehead just above her eyes. This signifies that woman's marriage and her fertile relationship.


Jhoomars are worn by the bride over her head. This jewellery item is meant to fetch luck & happiness in her new married life.

Mesmerizing Maang Tikkas-

Maang tikkas are chained captivating pendants. They are worn down across the center part of bride's hair. It's placed over the bride's middle of her forehead. It's said to activate the woman's 6th chakra which culminates all evil!

Attractive Nose rings (Nath)-

These traditionally comprise of beautiful small chains which connecting it to the bride's ear or hair. It symbolizes purity & the innocence before marriage.

Baju Bandh (Armbands)-

Traditionally the bride receives these baju bandh from her future sister-in-law. It signifies the groom's duty & commitment to protect her lady from any bad fortunes.

Beautiful Bichuas (Toe rings)-

These are typically worn on the bride's second toe. It enhances the look of the bride's feet making them feel pampered!


Payals again enhances the look and feel of the bride. Their magnificence and sweet chimes spread happiness and positive vibes all over. Payals are worn like anklets.


Mangalsutra has a very important place in Indian culture and is considered as the most important bridal jewellery. Traditionally it's a gold medallion which is hung from various black beads made into threads. It symbolizes the notion of keeping the bride's relation with her groom intact till death. In many Indian cultures, mangalsutra is considered a necessity to be worn by the bride until her husband's demise.

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