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Waist Jewellery

Waist band/belt is a classic and traditional piece of jewelry. Waist bands add gracefulness to the wedding outfit. It’s worn around the waist as the name suggests by the women who are fashion and beauty conscious. The waist band has different names in different languages like Cummerbandh, Ottiyanum, Kamarbandhs, and Vadannam. The tradition of wearing waist jewelry came from Tamil Nadu. It has been observed that the Hindu deities also wear waist jewelry. They are available in variety of designs and generally gemstones are used in it.

The purpose of waist band is to hold up the saree and it is also believed that it keeps the waist slim. The medieval women used to wear waist jewelry around their waist which helped them maintain a slim waist even after childbirth. In Dravidian culture, waist belt also accentuated the hips of the wearer and they can be seen in the sculptures in South India.

Waist Jewelry at High5store

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